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What to do in Japan?

If you are planning to visit Asia, then you will find it difficult to decide on where to go because Asia is a continent filled with numerous tourist attractions. But, if there is one Asian country that you should not fail to visit is Japan, which is located in the Eastern part of Asia. Nippon or Japan is known for the Cherry Blossom Festival. During this time, many people are coming to witness the beauty of the cherry blossom tree or Japanese Cherry. In Japan, it is known as sakura. Anyway, aside from this tree, there are still many things to do in Japan, which is really great for your summer getaway.

You should not miss these places


Yokohama is just a 30-minute drive from Tokyo. Why not try to spare some time in this city because in this city, you can find many things to buy as well as Japanese delicacies to eat. If you can come to Yokohama, then visit the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse or the Akarenga; the Cosmo Clock 21, which is a really huge ferris wheel; and the Yokohama Chinatown. Japan is known for ramen, so if you would like to try to have one, then you must come to the Ramen Museum of Shin-Yokohama.


If you are in the central part of Tokyo, then you will need an hour and 30 minutes to reach the city of Kanagawa Prefecture, where you can find Kamakura. This town is also known for samurai. You can also find here numerous shrines as well as temples. Coming to this place will make you feel how historic Japan is.


Do you know that Nikko Toshogu is a national treasure in Japan, which you can find in Nikko around Kinugawa area? In the 17th century, this treasure was built for Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was the very first Shogun of Japan’s Tokugawa Shogunate. You can find here different shrines as well as temples that are known as World Heritage sites. You can also find here the famous Kegon Waterfall, which is actually the best of Japan’s waterfall; the Kinugawa Onsen, which is actually a historic resort; and then the Nikko Edo Wonderland, which is an amusement park.


You need to travel by train for about 2 hours from Tokyo to reach Hakone. This town is famous for the Hakone Onsen or hot springs, huge pond or Ashino Ko and of course, a very beautiful view of the Mount Fuji. If you would like to sleep over Hakone, then you will find here a lot of traditional Japanese hotels as well as traditional Japanese delicacies.

Mount Fuji

The tallest mountain that you can find in Japan is Mt. Fuji. Many tourists come here to climb the top of the mountain. You can actually reach the 5th station of the mountain by bus. Pretty sure that you will feel very proud of yourself, if you can come to Japan and step on Mount Fiji. This mountain is not just popular in Japan. But, it is known all over the world.