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If you are going to count the number of people coming in and out of the airports all over the world, you will surely get tired doing that the whole day and night. Tourists from different walks of life are scattered. This only shows that there are billions of people, who have travel experiences. That is why, we would like to encourage these people to share their personal experiences. Readers from different parts of the world will surely appreciate those experiences because those are something that can give them a lesson.

We all know that there are good experiences, tips, suggestion and opinions that you would like our readers to know. So, we are happy and grateful for sharing them at the MM Blog. We are very pleased that we have readers all over the world, who are waiting for different travel stories.

So, if you have something to share, then feel free to mail us. Please, send your concerns via email at We would like to take this opportunity to thank the members and staff of the Mitha Moeckel, who is patiently working on the bulk of mails. Please, keep in touch always and let’s not forget to consider our safety first.