My New Friend: a Settlement Agent in Perth

My Settlement Agent Friend from Perth

Some of you might remember about my last post about my Perth trip. I enjoyed my trip so much that I actually found a new friend whilst there. When I told her that I will be publishing a quick post about it on my blog, she quickly replied by saying “sure! but just mention my first name, not my full name”. So with that being said, I will call her by her nickname Sammy. How I met her was somewhat unexpected, whilst travelling on a Perth train to city during my stay. It was my trip on the Joondalup line to the city centre, where my phone rang out of battery and I needed to make an urgent call to my hotel. That is when I asked around and the only person that offered their phone was my now friend Sammy!

For many of you out there, the mere fact that she lent her mobile phone to me was not a big deal. But to me, in time where I really needed to make that call, it was such a life changer. Somehow it has restored my faith in humanity. This wasn’t a social experiment or anything like that you sometime see in some youtube channel. It was real. Some people who follow me online have asked what that urgent phone call back to the hotel was all about? I was going to share it, but it was so personal that I had to keep it to myself. Anyways, Sammy was a settlement agents Perth specialist who helps people who are buying or selling properties in Perth deal with their settlement issues. Just a way to say thank you to Sammy, whoever is looking for settlement agent in Perth to go with her. Recommending people to her is perhaps only a small way to repay for what she has done to me.

It also turned out that Sammy was not originally from Perth but migrated about ten years ago. She mentioned how she understand me, the fact that she was in the same sort of situation during her first visit to Perth. What a coincidence hey? During my stay in Perth, after exchanging numbers, we ended up catching up a couple of times. We somehow just clicked and shared many stories with each other. In fact, she showed places there that was “out of the itinerary” per say. so i was very grateful for that.

Now that I have returned home, we still keep in contact. She did mention about coming over here to my hometown for a visit. So the moral of the story is that you never know who you will end up meeting during your holiday trips! This time around I met one of my now best friend.

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