The best surfing spots to try

When summer time comes and the weather is really fine, surfers are already rushing to book their favorite surfing spots. Do you know that surfing is a great activity to spend with your family and friends? You can go to different surfing spots, you will meet other surfers, you can have time to have a party at night, eat sea foods, take photos and videos for your social media accounts or blogs and most of all, you are enjoying the nature. Pretty sure that you love how it looks like when the sun is setting. It is indeed a romantic landscape.

There are so many surfing destinations in the world. It could have been better if you can go to those different surfing spots because that would surely make you feel proud of yourself. But, pretty sure that one summer holiday will not be enough. When one started surfing, he will feel like he does not want to stop what he is doing. It is not really an addiction because that is a passion and he is just enjoying what he is doing. So, why will you stop if you are enjoying the company of other surfers?

If you are coming to these surfing destinations, you shouldn’t be surprised with the price of the accommodations because it is a bit expensive, so just try to find the cheapest, but safest hotels or rooms available around the surfing area. Food and drinks are also expensive because surfing areas are like tourist spots, where people from different countries come. Anyway, if you cannot bring your own surfing boards, then not to worry because there are surfing boards available to rent. Aside from that, there are also shops around, who sell surfing suits and other souvenir items.

Tofino in Vancouver Island, Canada

This spot is actually Canada’s surfing capital, offering a lot of fun and picturesque on the west coast of the Vancouver Island. This surfing area is surrounded by an imminent rainforest. You can all do all activities here, especially surfing. So, if you want to surf around Canada, then this is an ideal spot for you.

Les Cavaliers in Anglet, France


Do you want to have a taste of the Les Cavaliers’ killer waves? If you do, then come and enjoy the surfing area in France. If you are going to look at the place, there are rocky girders bordering it. In such way, you can always use the right-hand side channel and then, you can surely paddle that into the spot’s killer wave. When offshore winds are playing, then that’s the perfect time to go out surfing.

White Beach in Okinawa, Japan


If you are planning to find a surfing area in Asia, then why don’t you come to the White Beach in Okinawa, Japan? You will surely find these sandbars in the area a perfect and suitable surfing getaway. Do you know that this is also an ideal place for those who are just beginning to surf? Anyway, there is also an epic reef break nearby for professional surfers. You just need to learn first and it is all here on the spot.

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