What’s the plan this summer?

When the Summer time comes, we can’t think of many things to do. But, the most exciting activity that we can ever think of during summer is traveling. If you have plans of traveling outside the country this summer, then it would be great to choose Asia.

There are so many beautiful and amazing countries to visit in Asia. The whole summer is not even enough to visit these countries because a day will never be enough to witness the natural beauty of the tourist spots.

Planning for a personal trip is easy as long as you have the travel budget. Everything is done online anyway. You can book for your flight, hotel accommodation and transportation. It won’t be easy to go on public transportations, when you are new in a country, especially if the people speaks a different language. It will feel like you are lost.

Countries to Visit this Summer

Pretty sure that it will take you time in choosing the country of your destination this summer. So, we have here a list of Asian countries that you might want to consider for your summer adventure.


You can go to Bangkok, Thailand, where you can find the Grand Palace. But, this city is populated and expect traffic jams. So, why not try provinces, where less traffic jam is experienced. You may go to Chiang Mai, which is one of the oldest cities in Thailand. It is also a nice place to experience mountain trekking because here you can find the highest peak among all mountains in the country. Aside from that, the climate is fine, it’s not really hot.

You will also enjoy swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and various water activities in Phuket and other islands, such as Koh Samui. These spots are ideal for those who loves island hopping.


Another good place to check this summer is Malaysia. In Penang would be a very ideal place for everybody to experience Malaysian delicacy. After that, you will surely want to have those foods on your plate again. Aside from food, you can also find various Art galleries, exhibits and museums here.


If you like shopping this summer, then Singapore is an ideal place for you. Many tourists come here for shopping because they have all the options here. It is not just a place for you to buy stuff, but you will surely experience here a different culture here that you can find only in Singapore.


If you are just around Thailand, it will be easier for you to cross Cambodia, where you can find Siem Reap. It would be great to explore the most fascinating spots in Southeast Asia that was honored by UNESCO World Heritage. You can come and visit Angkor Wat, which is a really old temple, where some movies were even taken.

Those are just some of the countries that you may visit this summer. You can always choose your country of destination. Just follow your heart and it will take you there. Just always be careful and do not easily trust anybody.

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